A change of season

October 18, 2011

To all our fans and supporters–

It has been an absolute pleasure sharing my voice with you as a founding member of New York Polyphony.

Touring the wide open spaces of this great nation with my friends has been an honour and an adventure, and the warm welcome I have received around the country, has been humbling.  But the tug of the home fires is strong and next year I will relocate to the UK.  To that end, over the past few months we have been working on a transition with auditions and planning.  My colleagues have selected and appointed Steven Caldicott Wilson, a tenor with gorgeous colour and versatility, with whom I know the group will scale new heights and continue to grow in musicianship and excellence.

© Joanne Bouknight

I am proud of our achievements these past five years, and my contribution to the NYP partnership.  My favourites include the front page splash in Choir and Organ which we got before we’d sung very many concerts, working with Malcolm Bruno on I sing the Birth, getting a Billboard top ten for Tudor City, and, this year, signing with the fantastic Opus3, and exciting Swedish label, BIS.  The near future has further surprises and innovations in store for NYP, which I look forward to following on Facebook and Twitter.  (Remember that if you tweet them, they will tweet back!)  We have come a long way since the early days when the audience consisted essentially of our partners, and our new manager has some really fun gigs lined up.

It’s a wrench to leave my friends and colleagues, Geoff, Chris and Craig, who have the best voices in their class, and with whom I have grown as a musician and tenor.  I shall miss them.  But I look forward to being able to devote more energy to Acis, my boutique CD label and artist promotional consultancy, and to my clients on both sides of the pond.


— Geoff Silver