A (partial) SkyMall Wishlist

October 17, 2012

Deepen your connection with NYP: Gift us MASSIVE wine glasses!

New York Polyphony just returned home from our October tour. We performed 8 concerts in 8 cities in 12 days; we gave 7 master classes, presented one educational demonstration, and sang one private house concert. This tour also brought us 3 state debuts, in Tennessee, Nevada, and Alaska. (View our tour gallery on Facebook.)

During tour, and also while back at home, our fans often ask us how they can get involved with what we do. There are many ways to deepen your involvement with New York Polyphony, and they include liking us on Facebook, sending us a tweet, purchasing our albums, and making a donation to support our projects.

However, there is another way you can get involved with New York Polyphony: by indulging our slightly unhealthy obsession with SkyMall, that wonderful shopping magazine you can find in the seat back pocket on flights throughout the US. We’ve had many opportunities over the course of this tour (9 flights in all), to get to know this wonderful publication and its incredibly unique and valuable sales products. What we post below is a registry wish list of SkyMall products. I hope you enjoy it and consider helping us reach our SkyMall goals!

The LeguP pillow

The product description states, “this person is able to sleep comfortably in any seat.” After flying economy from Fairbanks to Newark, I would hope we could do the same one day. Wouldn’t it be great to experience the sweet repose that this man exhibits? How we would get this pillow on the plane without getting slapped by our fellow passengers is beyond me!

Monet Rain Boots

It sure can rain sometimes. Wouldn’t NYP look great if we had matching gear in the form of these rain boots? I’m not so sure that Monet would approve of his name being associated with this very un-Monet design. Perhaps we should call them something else…

One of a kind shirts

Who cares about matching suits and ties!? These shirts would be the perfect NYP concert wear. Can’t you picture it? It just screams class and taste. After all, these shirts “are a piece of art”!

“Healthy” Deep Fryer

NYP loves to eat. Fried food is no exception. However, what do we do when we get to a place where there is no fried option? We whip out this “healthiest deep fryer” and just throw in whatever we have… twinkies, okra, skittles, or melon… YUM.

Visor with a built-in ‘doo

This one is for Craig.

The Slanket!

This is a super savings item. Rather than having 4 individual slankets, all we need are two Siamese slankets at $40.99 each. We prefer the patterns “Walk the Slank” and “Sleevin Las Vegas”. We could open the second half of our shows in these. Classy, right?

Who needs a bottle of wine when you can just use one of these massively huge wine glasses??  Each one holds AN ENTIRE BOTTLE OF WINE!


You can send all gifts from this registry to our address:
New York Polyphony
PO Box 5202
New York, NY 10185-5202

Thanks for your support!