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August 26, 2010

In late June, New York Polyphony spent a beautiful summer evening with photographer Joanne Bouknight. Over the course of three hours in as many as five different locations around Long Island City, she snapped over 700 photos! To put it delicately, we’re intermittently photogenic… which is to say not really at all. So Joanne wisely erred on the side of quantity.  (In our defense, it’s no small feat to get four opinionated guys to do exactly the right thing at exactly the same time!)

To give us a quick overview of the shoot, Joanne took the 700+ photos and prepared a rapid-fire slide show.  It was cool.  Really cool.  Too cool to keep to ourselves.

So, with her help and permission, we threw together a few info slides, added an up-tempo (yet appropriate) soundtrack and voilà:

PLEASE NOTE: This video makes us look cooler than we really are.  Thanks, Joanne.