Devices & Desires: Where are they now?

March 10, 2014

In 2011, we embarked on a very cool adventure. Partnering with the online music network Indaba Music, we launched three stand-alone remix competitions. Entrants were given access to three Gregorian chants (specially recorded for the contests by New York Polyphony) that they could remix however they’d like. There were no limits on structure, style, or format. It was an artistic free for all!

Well, hundreds of musicians responded so we were met with a WILD ARRAY of interpretations. When the contest ended, we compiled the winning remixes on a digital release called DEVICES & DESIRES. An expanded edition released last year is available on most digital music sites (Spotify, iTunes, Amazon MP3, etc.). Do yourself a favor and check it out!

Three years on, we decided to check-in with our winning remixers in order to answer an important question: WHERE ARE THEY NOW?

DAVID MINNICK (Victimae paschali laudes – VPL Cubist Remix):

“I’ve been working on an a capella version of what has been called one of the most difficult and complicated rock albums ever: the British band Cardiacs’ 1995 double album Sing to God. Each song takes 2-5 months to complete, but I’ve managed to finish 8 songs thus far (out of 22). I’ve been posting the songs on Soundcloud as I finish them and the response has been great.

Another project of mine—The Sursiks album I didn’t know I was singing—has recently been re-released on Housecore Records out of New Orleans. The album is a collection of answering machine and voicemail messages set to music through the transcription and orchestration of the pitch and rhythmic patterns of speech.”

ANDREW BROADWATER (Victimae paschali laudes – 7th Century Remix):

“I’ve released two albums over the past 14 months, Let it Ring (a Christmas album) and Heartstrings (my first album of entirely original compositions). You can preview both of the albums on several sites including iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby. “

ALEX BERSERKER (Victimae paschali laudes – Alex Berserker Remix):

“I’ve got a new EDM project called Silverfox and have been releasing a lot of stuff under that name. Also, I’m really involved with my label R3GMA Recordings, specializing in bass / dance music!”

EILEEN CARPIO (Gaudeamus omnes gentes – Pariter Remix):

“I’m preparing some music for an artistic collaborative project named A Winter’s Light. I have done similar projects before, namely Sending letters to the Sea and A Generous Act.

I am now also singing with three other wonderful girls and we are only at the infant stages of rehearsing and slowly putting together a performance repertoire which will include mostly our own compositions. We are called Silver Kites.”

MIKE LIST (Gaudeamus omnes gentes – Wisaal Remix):

“In 2012, I released two albums with my ensembles. To Hit released the album Globalized Percussion Music, mixing marimba and world percussion in an art music context. Wisaal (who’s ‘ud player participated on my Devices & Desire remix) released the album The Warp and the Weft, combining Arabic, Klezmer and American influences. 2013 was a busy year of performing in the Midwest and both groups are in the planning phases of follow-up albums.”

INGE SKALAND (Beati mundo corde – Dynabeat Remix):

“I have been continuously active on Indaba making remixes, mainly at late nights after wife, kids and dog are in bed. I won another prize there for the ‘Lee Ritenour – Solo contest’ with the song ‘L.A. by Bike.’.”

WON S. CHOI (Beati mundo corder – wosoch Remix):

“I have been working at a multi-disciplinary design firm called Project Projects, while working as freelance designer.”

** ICYMI: The original contest pages are still up on the Indaba Music website. There you can listen to the remixes of the 10 runners up for each of the three chants: Victimae paschali laudes, Beati mundo corde, and Gaudeamus in omnes Domino.