Fall 2011 in a nutshell

October 31, 2011

Hi fans,

Since I’m sure Craig will be editing this blog before posting, I thought I’d first take the chance to let you all know that he’s really the unsung hero behind making us sound so good in print and looking so good in photos and in all our social media.  He really is amazing. (**CP: I didn’t pay him to say this, I swear.) 

So… October started with us flying to Sweden to record our first record for BIS Records at the most idyllic of churches in Länna, Sweden.  We think you’ll be very pleased with this next record.  It features some of the most beautiful polyphony in our repertoire from the Franco-Flemish Renaissance.  We found the church was especially good for chant so we hope you’ll enjoy that aspect of the record too!  Recording aside, it really was a lovely retreat for the four of us even though we were working.  Such a peaceful and quiet part of the world.

Upon our return, we got to be “smart kids” for a weekend and present portions of Gregory Brown’s Missa Charles Darwin at TEDx Woods Hole in Massachusetts.

Having experienced a taste of how Greg elegantly and intelligently introduces the piece, we’re confident that you’ll want to make your way to Lillie Auditorium at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole to hear the whole piece in its premiere!

On a bit of a sad note, we then announced the departure of our tenor, Geoffrey Silver after this December.  We’ll miss him very much but we don’t have to say goodbye just yet!

Yesterday, October 30th gave us the chance to throw Geoffrey’s replacement, Steven Caldicott Wilson, into the fire and we gave a performance of our Tudor City program in Grace Episcopal Church in Nyack, New York.  It was a lovely fall afternoon up the Hudson and Steve outdid himself in preparation and we look forward to adding his energetic personality into our little lives together.

Now, as the goblins and ghoulies are dolling up for their trick-or-treating, the suitcase comes out of the closet again to pack for our nearly 3 week tour beginning November 2!  We spend the first few days in residence at Dartmouth College which will give us a chance to work with some ensembles and classes on campus and give a concert in their beautiful Rollins Chapel.   We don’t have to say goodbye to Geoffrey Silver just yet as we’ll have him to share his skills especially as we offer workshops and masterclasses.

Next, we’re off to the American southwest for more concerts and workshops in New Mexico (Portales and Albuquerque) and Texas (Waco).  Then we make our first trip to Mexico where we’re appearing in the Festival de Música de Morelia.

Sadly, we’re only in Mexico for about 48 hours.  Hoping to get at least one good taste of local cuisine before we head back up north.  Back to Woods Hole for the aforementioned premiere of Missa Charles Darwin.  

Please do follow us on the road and send us tweets and messages on Facebook.  We’ll TWEET YOU BACK!

Happy Halloween!