I sing the Birth


New York Polyphony’s debut release I sing the birth has garnered unanimous acclaim. An intimate meditation on the Christmas season, this 60-minute sequence of unaccompanied music spanning nine centuries offers a unique, diverse and spellbinding musical experience.

Released in 2007 on Avie Records, I sing the birth topped “Editor’s Choice” lists in both the U.S and the U.K. Classic FM Magazine awarded it 5 stars—its top rating—and Gramophone called it “one of the season’s best.”


  1. Veni Redemptor gentium (A. Smith) 2:36
  2. Hodie Christus natus est (plainchant) :53
  3. Hodie Christus natus est (Palestrina) 1:39
  4. Lully, lulla, thou little tiny child 2:58
  5. Beata viscera (Pérotin) 1:54
  6. Ave Maria Mater Dei (Cornysh) 2:36
  7. Alma Redemptoris Mater (plainchant) 1:39
  8. The darkest midnight in December (Irish traditional) 2:04
  9. The Fader of Heven 1:20
  10. Vox in Rama (Introit) :52
  11. Vox in Rama (Clemens) 3:07
  12. Vox in Rama (Introit reprise) :59
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  14. Away in a Manger (Normandy traditional) 2:25
  15. Ave Maria (Parsons) 3:35
  16. Lully, lulla, thow littel tyne child (Coventry Carol) 2:28
  17. Ave Maria (Plainchant) :59
  18. Lullay, lullow, I saw a swete semly syght (Fifteenth-century English carol) 2:09
  19. Mervele noght, Josep (Fifteenth-century English carol) 5:43
  20. Nowell - Dieus wous garde, byewsser 2:52
  21. Veni Redemptor gentium (Plainchant) :51
  22. O magnum mysterium (Byrd) 4:53
  23. Ecce advenit dominator Dominus (Plainchant) 2:07
  24. Magi veniunt ab oriente (Clemens) 3:17
  25. Nunc dimittis (A. Smith) 2:34
  26. Vox in Rama (Plainchant) 1:12

  • “…If you buy one disc this Christmas, make it I sing the birth by New York Polyphony.”
    RSCM Quarterly
  • “…an exceptionally lovely disc, superbly performed and recorded….”
    International Record Review
  • “…a magical CD to return to often.”
    Choir & Organ
  • “This is my Christmas CD of 2007.”
    Terry Blain, BBC Music Magazine
  • “New York Polyphony are evidently extremely skilled singers. The blend, tuning and ensemble work are flawless….”
    MusicWeb International
  • “The ensemble breathes as a single organism, and the blend, which can vary from perfect homogeneity to the subtle highlighting of a single voice, is marvelous….”
    All Music Guide