Lionel Power, animated (free download!)

October 29, 2010

It’s safe to say that Lionel Power (d. 1445) could never have imagined the digital world we live in.  I doubt he even dreamed that his music (handwritten in a few books) would survive beyond his death much less be sung by a group of guys living in city 3,000 miles away more than 500 years in the future.

Who knows?  Maybe Mr. Power was a wickedly clever man and able to imagine all those things, flying cars and cell phones with batteries that don’t die after 4 hours of use.  Regardless, I’ll bet you TWENTY BUCKS that he never thought his music could look like this.

Recorded at Saint John the Divine on Manhattan’s Upper West Side in June 2009, Beata progenies is a track that didn’t make it on Tudor City.  But it was too strong a performance to let it fade into obscurity, so we included it on Surrexit Christus, a 3-song digital-only EP released on Avie Records in June.  (The centerpiece of which is a gorgeous remix of Andrew Smith’s Surrexit Christus crafted by composer/ performer Bora Yoon and producer Btoven.  Read more about it HERE.)

Beata progenies.  2 minutes and 40 seconds of satisfyingly “hurndy-hurndy” late-Medieval music.  And the best part is, it’s available as a free download!

Download the iPod/ iPhone-ready video (it’s an 11MB MPEG in a zipped folder) by clicking DOWNLOAD BEATA PROGENIES below.  All we ask is that you 1.) share it with your friends/ followers, and 2.) click the LIKE button on the Facebook widget at the bottom of this page.  (We’re on Twitter, too: @nypolyphony)  And if you really like the tune and want it in a higher-fidelity format, go to iTunes and purchase the EP.


PLEASE NOTE: The inclusion of the antiphon (Laudate Domino omnes gentes) was our idea.  We think Lionel would be fine with it.  He dreamed up flying cars after all.