Natural, direct and sure

November 7, 2010

On Friday night, NYP returned to Saint John’s Episcopal Cathedral in Denver, CO.  Not only did it give us a chance to present material from Tudor City, we got to put a lot of new music on its feet: 3 selections by Clemens non Papa (1515-1555) and the madrigalic tour de force “La guerre” by Clement Janequin (1475-1558).

The audience greeted our new selections warmly, we emerged largely unscathed 🙂 and we received a terrific review from the Denver Post:

“In a music world that seems ever more amplified, digitized and engineered, it is not surprising that there is a growing hunger for an antidote: something natural, direct and sure.

Perfectly filling the bill is New York Polyphony, an all-male vocal quartet that relies solely on the human voice — simple, unfiltered and unenhanced.”

And in case you wanted to share in our new music bonanza, here’s an excerpt… recorded live on Friday.

Ego flos campi – Clemens non Papa