Sing Thee Nowell



Sing thee Nowell is the follow-up to the GRAMMY-nominated CD Times go by Turns. Seven centuries of Christmas passes before the listener with new works composed for the ensemble by Michael McGlynn, Andrew Smith and John Scott alongside traditional medieval and Renaissance carols and motets by Clemens ‘non Papa’, Philippe Verdelot and Tomás Luis de Victoria. The wide-ranging sequence is anchored by Richard Rodney Bennett’s Five Carols, in which the sopranos Sarah Brailey and Elizabeth Baber Weaver augment New York Polyphony’s four voices.

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  1. Veni Emmanuel (A. Smith) 3:14
  2. Adam lay ybounden (G. Williams) 1:32
  3. Gabriel Archangelus (Verdelot) 4:23
  4. Gabriel's Message (arr. A. Craig) 2:12
  5. There is no Rose (Trinity Roll MS) 2:17
  6. There is no Rose (Wesley, arr. G. Williams) 2:18
  7. There is no Rose (John Scott) 3:13
  8. Nesciens Mater (Byttering) 1:34
  9. O pia Virgo (McGlynn) 3:14
  10. Nowell: Out of your Sleep (Selden MS) 3:00
  11. Nowell: Arise and Wake (A. Smith) 3:29
  12. Five Carols (Bennett): There is no Rose 2:45
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  14. Out of your Sleep 1:47
  15. That Younge Child 1:21
  16. Sweet was the Song 2:29
  17. Susanni 1:25
  18. Sleep Now (A. Craig) 1:36
  19. O magnum mysterium (Victoria) 3:36
  20. Quem pastores laudavere (arr. LaBarr) 2:34
  21. Quid petis, O Fili? (Pygott) 5:57
  22. Un flambeau, Jeanette, Isabelle (arr. A. Craig) 2:08
  23. Bethlehem Down (Warlock) 3:54
  24. Magi veniunt ab Oriente (Clemens 'non Papa') 6:39
  25. O Little Town of Bethlehem (arr. A. Craig) 2:36

  • “…a spacious and radiant retreat from the hype and hassle.”
    New York Times
  • “The talent here is abundant.”
    Audiophile Audition
  • “The music is immaculately yet expressively performed and incomparably well recorded.”
    International Record Review
  • “The vocal blend is consistently velvety, the pitching unerringly accurate.”
    BBC Music Magazine
  • “A quiet seasonal treasure.”
  • “Elegantly refined.”
  • “This is an outstanding disc combining beautiful performances with fresh and interesting compositions…”
    Early Music America
  • “The warm, resonant tone of vocal quartet New York Polyphony shines on this recording…”
    Minnesota Public Radio