Thanks for 2011

January 1, 2012

It’s that time of year again– time to bask in the glow of Christmas-cookie-induced heartburn and reflect on all the ups, downs and lateral movements of the past year. And what a year it was.

2011 was a monster. Not in the Cloverfield sense, but definitely in terms of its massive tectonic shifts.

Personally, I survived the first year of my daughter Grace’s life. Quite a feat when you consider that, prior to her arrival, I’d probably only held a baby three times in my life. So that I was able to keep her alive, balance a hectic performance schedule and emerge with my marriage intact, 2011 was a resounding success.

On the professional front, 2011 was equally successful. We doubled our concert load (we’ve now sung in 32 of 50 states!), signed with Opus 3 Artists, joined the roster of BIS Records and debuted two major new works Andrew Smith’s Notes For A Requiem at the 2011 Vestfold Festspillene in Tønsberg, Norway and Gregory Brown’s Missa Charles Darwin at the Marine Biological Laboratory’s Falmouth Forum in Woods Hole, Massachussetts. This past summer, we participated in what is quite possibly our coolest project to date: the remix competition Devices & Desires. Partnering with Indaba Music, we unleashed the creative talents of their massive online community of users on three Gregorian chants recorded expressly for the contest. Hundreds of outstanding remixes later we had 6 winners and enough material to release a digital EP on, the new online classical music store from Sony Music.

In October, we flew all the way to Sweden to record endBeginning, our first album on BIS Records. It was a magical experience. (Don’t believe us? Watch the video.) The digital pre-release is out now, the CD comes out in the Spring. More to come on that front.

And then there was The Martha Stewart Show. Pre-show jitters aside, I guess we were ready for our close-up. Our appearance earlier this month was a success and the feedback has been terrific. Thanks to everyone who tuned-in.

There’s so much more I could go into, but New Year’s Eve beverages beckon. So I’ll close with a few PICTURES and some well-deserved THANK YOUS…

  • Joanne Bouknight, for your willingness to show up at a moment’s notice and for always having your camera ready!
  • Craig Zeichner, for taking a chance with Devices & Desires and helping us navigate treacherous legal waters.
  • Eric, Colin and Rick at Indaba Music, for fielding HUNDREDS of questions and helping us create a really cool contest.
  • Malcolm Bruno, for your continued artistic guidance.
  • Greg Brown, for being a great guy and a huge geek!
  • Catherine Cramer, for your love of Charles Darwin.
  • Ebba Rydh and Emily Eagen, for Gesualdo-ing with us!
  • Jens Braun, for making us sound like a million bucks.
  • Rob Suff and the staff of BIS Records, for making endBeginning a reality!
  • Geoffrey Silver, for five years of dedication, excellent singing and inimitable eccentricities. Tonight, I’ll raise a glass to all the good times and expensive baked potatoes.

And special thanks to the presenters and hosts at each stop along the way for your hospitality and to everyone who has taken the time to attend our shows, buy our albums, follow us, tweet about us or send us a “thumbs up” email out of the blue. We appreciate all of you!!

Happy 2012!