That new car smell

May 2, 2013

It started with a new coat of paint. Then a second. Then things got lumpy. Bits and pieces stopped working here and there. Work-arounds were dispatched, many of them ham-handed but effective. But then the work-arounds needed work-arounds.

Before long, it was undeniable: what was cool and cutting edge in 2011 had become, well, an outdated website. It was time to pull the plug.

Thankfully, we spend a lot of time in hotels with very little to do. So there was no excuse. We had the time. We could rebuild it. We had the technology. We could make it better than it was. Better…stronger…faster…

I’m happy to report that we did!

Introducing— the ALL-NEW-FOR-2013 streamlined, sexy, and content-rich!

But don’t take our word for it— poke around, kick the tires. All we ask is that you please report back if you encounter something weird or out-of-place. (You won’t hurt out feelings.) And if you love it, you can tell us that, too!

While you’re giving it a test drive, be sure to check out the world-class [video_lightbox_youtube video_id=Zw37KdnhHEw width=853 height=480 anchor=”INTRO VIDEO”] produced by Brian Huffman of Marchmen Media.